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When creating nutrition facts panels for your product, finding the right fit can be confusing. We break down the top 3 Food Labeling Software Platforms to make it easier for you to decide.

Food Labeling Software: Choosing the Right Fit for Your Product 

With all the food labeling software platforms out there to create nutrition facts panels for your food product, you may be wondering, what’s the difference? 

Depending on what stage you’re in as a manufacturer, what your product is and what you want to accomplish, this question could have many answers. 

At LabelCalc, we want you, the manufacturer to have the very best experience. That being said, we did the dirty work for you and did a competitive analysis. Curious about what these platforms can do? Let’s take a tour around the web at your options so you can settle on what will bring you the best outcome for all of your labeling needs. 



Normally we would save the best for last (wink) but there’s nothing wrong with an awesome beginning either. We may be a little biased, but for good reason. LabelCalc was founded 17 years ago as an answer for food manufacturers wanting to reach compliance through accurate nutrition reporting resulting in an FDA-Approved food label for product packaging. 

Not only does LabelCalc cover the expected features of a nutritional labeling software, our platform has also created the perfect union between technology and expertise by adding the professional backing of a Registered Dietitian. 

Having a Registered Dietitian review your label and guide you through the labeling process with help prevent recall.

Having a Registered Dietitian review your label and guide you through the labeling process with help prevent recall. Labeling right the first time will save you thousands in the long run.

Food Labeling Software + Registered Dietitian = Perfect Labeling Experience

In the same way technology compensates for human error our Registered Dietitian does what our software can’t: provide the user with the option of collaborating with an experienced professional.  

Elysa Dinzes, R.D has worked throughout various parts of the food industry with hundreds of CPG companies, not only helping them to create their nutrition labels but also improve current product recipes as well as develop new products altogether.  

Let Us Take the Wheel

Upon becoming a LabelCalc client, our users are afforded the luxury of “internally outsourcing” everything from data entry, nutrition analysis reporting and label creation to FDA regulation research to Elysa. 

While we offer the typical DIY format where the user can enter their ingredient information and build their nutrition facts panel in minutes, the manufacturer can also opt to let our Registered Dietitian handle their account completely for a fraction of the cost of hiring a dietitian independent of the LabelCalc platform. Hiring independently can easily range from $75-$300 per hour. But…

With LabelCalc, our all-inclusive dietitian option allows the manufacturer to get their food label created with our dietitian complete with nutrition reporting, recipe revision or collaboration, ingredient statement, allergen statement in your chosen FDA accepted format for a flat fee of $345 from start to finish. Untouchable. 

But, It’s Still Super Easy to Do It Yourself

If you wanted to DIY it, you have that option too. Complete with: 

  • FDA approved product labels in updated 2020 formatting 
  • Comprehensive nutrition analysis reporting in real time
  • Serving size tool
  • Product weight loss calculator
  • Allergen and Ingredient statements 
  • Instant label download 
  • Recipe storage/management 
  • Ongoing customer support via demo, chat, email and phone

We pride ourselves as the one stop shop for food labeling and we aim to be an industry resource for the manufacturer. Whether you have questions about the software, specifics on your product or just the industry in general, we’re here for it. 


In the labeling sector of the industry, ESHA has been around since the beginning. That being said, their methods have too. Recently, they have rolled out an online platform to accompany their tried and true CD-ROM software. 

ESHA’s program, though comprehensive can be a bit pricey and also requires client training for an added fee. The ROM software needs updating every few years for accuracy and that at the cost of about $3,000. The additional fee of training users to use the software could cost you another $2,000. 

This program also will take up some hefty space on your computer, so an external hard drive is recommended.  


Another cloud-based software like ourselves, Recipal is all about just getting the label done. This platform is DIY but offers the option of a label review by a Recipal staffer. There’s no information as to who you will be paying that extra $40 to for your label to be reviewed, just that it’s there. 

The platform has a costing tool and inventory management available as it’s main differentiator.

Depending on what your goals are as a manufacturer and what you’re looking to accomplish,  finding the right fit for your food labeling needs makes all the difference.  Want to get started with the number one, industry leading platform? Contact LabelCalc and get your nutrition label for your food product completed in minutes!

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