Retail Ready Nutrition Facts Labeling

As you know, running a business in the food sector comes with many challenges. For example, many moving parts can make it feel impossible to get a product packaged and ready for retail. Naturally, an FDA-compliant nutrition facts label is just one of the many moving parts.

With heavy regulations from the FDA, the last thing you want to do is cut corners on food labels before launching in a retail setting. Recalls are inevitable when nutrition labels are deemed inaccurate, creating a massive headache that could be avoided with the right platform.

If the thought of creating a compliant nutrition facts label based on FDA regulations and policies makes you panic, don’t worry! LabelCalc offers an intuitive, all-in-one nutrition label platform that does most of the heavy lifting for you.

Accurate Ingredient Analysis for Retail Ready Products

LabelCalc’s software only creates FDA-compliant labels for your products. In addition, we use information sourced directly from the USDA Food Database to analyze your products for label production.

The LabelCalc database contains over 200,000 USDA-compiled lab-tested ingredients. Our software can handle any recipe! This guarantees your labels comply with FDA standards every time you use LabelCalc to generate nutrition labels.

common food allergens sit on a dark wooden table as a group including salmon egg milk peanuts shrimp and other allergen food

Intuitive Software to Create an FDA-Compliant Nutrition Labels

Within the LabelCalc platform, you’ll have access to three different ingredient databases to create your nutrition label. These databases contain everyday ingredients used in recipes and will therefore dictate the nutritional value of your products.

Basically, the databases will contain the unique or homemade ingredients used in your recipes. You can come back and plug these into your nutritional analysis when creating recipes within LabelCalc, ensuring accuracy and the most updated ingredient information. The platform also helps you determine various serving sizes and other crucial information to include in a nutrition label.

We’ve also implemented a CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) tool on our app that provides additional guidance to determine the correct serving sizes and weights for your items. As a result, you’ll be more than confident in the information you provide to consumers.

Creating a Retail-Ready Nutrition Label in LabelCalc

Making an FDA-compliant nutrition facts label can be done in 4 simple steps. Here is what it takes:

  1. Match your recipe’s ingredients with our pre-analyzed ingredient database
  2. Identify appropriate serving sizes and servings per container using our tools
  3. Review and confirm any allergens in your product flagged by our calculator
  4. Print your label!

If it seems too good to be true, we promise you it isn’t!

Our goal is to empower all businesses — whether running it out of your home or for the big brands we know and love — to take nutrition analysis into your own hands. It doesn’t have to be a complex, time-consuming task in your business operations.

Using LabelCalc, you can create, modify, and print nutrition labels in one sitting with zero frustration or stress. LabelCalc’s platform is easy to use and effective — out of over 30,000 food products analyzed, we’ve never had a recalled item! We’re proud to be an FDA-compliant software company that helps small businesses and large corporations prepare their food products for retail.

28,000+ nutrition facts panels created. 1000’s of products brought successfully to retail.

Not a single recall.

Create Compliant, Retail-Ready Nutrition Facts Labels with LabelCalc

LabelCalc’s nutrition software takes the guesswork out of following FDA regulations and meeting standards to ensure your product’s labeling is compliant and ready to be placed on the shelves.

Many stressors are associated with getting your product out into the hands of consumers. LabelCalc’s intelligent, all-in-one nutrition label generator will make this step in your journey to retail an absolute breeze.

LabelCalc’s easy-to-use software will save you time and money when it matters most as you prepare your food products for retail placement.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. We have labeling specialists ready to help you clear up any questions or issues you encounter.

We’re here to help with your nutrition analysis in any way we can!