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Use our ingredient databases and nutrition calculator to create nutrition labels in minutes! No food labs necessary.
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Join these major brands and thousands of other food businesses who trust LabelCalc with their nutrition analysis and FDA-compliance needs. You’re in good company.
LabelCalc Helps You Get Fast, Easy, and Accurate FDA-Approved Nutrition Labels in 4 Steps:

Find your product’s ingredients in our extensive databases.

Enter your serving size using LabelCalc’s serving size assistance tools.

Confirm your auto-flagged allergens and ingredient statements.

Download and print your FDA-compliant and retail-ready label instantly.

Who Is LabelCalc For?

LabelCalc is for anyone who wants to sell their product in retail. With 15+ years of experience generating over 30,000 nutrition labels, companies of all sizes rely on LabelCalc for their FDA compliance. See why companies such as Panda Express, Starbucks, and Buffalo Wild Wings choose LabelCalc. Get started with yours today!

We’ve helped thousands of customers achieve and maintain retail-readiness and FDA-compliance, all while saving them an average of $720 per product. Now it’s your turn.
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