With LabelCalc’s Nutrition Facts Label Maker, Create FDA Compliant Nutrition Labels in Minutes!

LabelCalc is an all-in-one online nutrition labels generator that allows you to create & print FDA Compliant nutrition panels for your food products in just minutes.

LabelCalc’s Nutrition Label Calculator Helps You Get Accurate FDA-Compliant Nutrition Labels in 4 Steps:

Enter your product recipe and match your ingredients to our pre-analyzed ingredient database.
Identify your food product serving size using LabelCalc’s serving size assistance tools.
LabelCalc’s nutrition label calculator will automatically flag allergens in your product. Simply confirm to create your allergen statement.
Download and print your FDA-compliant and retail-ready nutrition facts label instantly.

Who is LabelCalc For?

LabelCalc is for anyone who wants to sell their food product in retail. With 15+ years of experience we’ve generated over 30,000 nutrition labels. Companies of all sizes rely on LabelCalc as their go-to nutrition label calculator and online nutrition label generator. Get started with yours today.
How to Sell Food Online
“LabelCalc is extremely accurate and reliable – far more so than laboratories, whose results frequently vary widely from sample to sample. That’s extremely important to us since a customer or the FDA could potentially test our product for nutritional accuracy.”
Ted Nordquist, CEO & Founder of WholeSoy Co.
How to Sell Food Online

Feature Rich, Easy to Use

Nothing to Install
LabelCalc is entirely online–no installation, no waiting. Use our software from any computer.

Intuitive Interface
Clients love our easy-to-use software, and LabelCalc’s interface has been intuitively designed by registered dietitians to fit the needs of food manufacturers.

Daily Backup & Recovery
LabelCalc runs with a secure recovery system that is backed up daily. Your recipes are safe with us.

Recipe Confidentiality
Your recipes are 100% confidential, guaranteed. No one but you will have access to your LabelCalc account.

Your One-Stop Shop for Nutrition Labels

Customers love how easy it is to manage everything related to nutrition labels with our simple, feature-rich solution. Some of our most popular features include:

Nutrient Comparison
Find out how each ingredient in your recipe contributes nutritionally to the overall value—in real time. Switching out sweeteners has never been this much fun.

Product Library
Our product library allows you to keep all your recipes and analysis results in one accessible location.

Multiple Users
To make the process even easier, our software allows multiple users to access and edit your recipes— with your specific consent, of course.

Save Recipes as Preps
Save a sauce, dressing or icing recipe as a “prep” that you can import into future recipes.

Duplicate a Recipe
No more painstakingly reentering similar recipes ten times. With one click, you can duplicate any recipe and alter it to create variations.

How to Sell Food Online
We’ve helped thousands of customers achieve and maintain retail-readiness and FDA compliance. All while saving them an average of $720 per product. Now it’s your turn.