Food & Nutrition Label Software

Complying with the legalities of the business side is hard enough. Sometimes, navigating the FDA labeling standards makes it difficult. Luckily, LabelCalc’s labeling software is designed to relieve the burden of upholding all FDA regulations while running a food business.

Labeling software helps businesses of any size create a nutrition facts panel for selling your product commercially. Thus, LabelCalc enables you to comply with food labeling laws using nutritional analysis to create allergen reports and make nutrition and calorie counts. Save time and money with our platform, creating more time for focusing on other vital parts of your business.

Use LabelCalc’s Label Software to Create FDA-Compliant Food Labels

First and foremost, our goal is to simplify the process for any business, whether you are a veteran at this or just getting started. Then, you will have everything you need to get your product ready for retail using the labeling software. In addition, we provide a nutrition facts panel complete with allergen and ingredient statements and a comprehensive nutrition analysis report, making you FDA-compliant in an instant.

common food allergens sit on a dark wooden table as a group including salmon egg milk peanuts shrimp and other allergen food

Get your accurate, FDA-compliant nutrition labels in just four easy steps:

  1. Start with entering the recipe for your product and matching ingredients with the pre-analyzed ingredients in our database. Alternatively, you can enter your own.
  2. Next, identify the serving size of your food product using the assistance tool in the software.
  3. Automatically flag allergens using the label calculator and confirm the allergen statement when prompted. The system flags the top 8 allergens required to be labeled by the FDA. Any present allergens will be inserted into your Ingredient Statement. As a result, your Ingredient Statement will be pre-filled and organized in FDA formatting.
  4. Finally, choose the nutrition label layout best for your packaging –then download and print! Your label can be downloaded in three formats: PDF, PNG, and SVG. You can print it at home and take it to a local print shop to create stick-and-peel labels. You can also choose to download the title and send it to a graphic designer to incorporate into the product packaging.

28,000+ nutrition facts panels created. 1000’s of products brought successfully to retail.

Not a single recall.

LabelCalc’s Label-Making Software

Take nutrition back into your own hands using LabelCalc’s easy-to-use labeling software. Run the business out of your home or a manufacturing plant; the software stays easy to use. We haven’t had to recall any of the 30,000 food products analyzed and labeled. The program is highly effective and straightforward to run.

At last, you can remove the guesswork from keeping up with all the FDA regulations and rules. Create a standard expectation your consumers can rely on and ensure you stay compliant. Now, customers can make a safe, informed choice, knowing they can trust your labeling process.

All software and services are FDA-compliant, using information directly from the USDA Food Database. In addition, when analyzing your products for label production, we draw from our 340,000 USDA-compiled and lab-tested ingredients database. This guarantees that any labels created through LabelCalc meet the standards developed by the FDA’s rules and regulations.

Create your unique database within your LabelCalc account, storing your recipes and homemade ingredients. Only input them once but come back and use the data repeatedly. Simplify the process of creating and analyzing new recipes by always having the most updated and accurate ingredient information.

Simplify the Process with LabelCalc

Getting a product from concept creation to the shelves can be stressful. Using LabelCalc’s Labeling Software simplifies the process, taking pressure off your shoulders. The all-in-one nutrition label generator uses the information provided by the analysis.

The innovative features and streamlined interfaces make it easy for anyone to operate the label-making software. You don’t need a computer or nutrition degree to make the program work in your favor. We provide demos and tutorials to walk you through everything, transforming the nutrition and label-making process.

Contact us today to learn more and speak to an FDA-certified nutritionist about your recipes. Our team is happy to help answer any questions you may have!