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Nutrition Analysis to a Clientele of Satisfied Food Manufacturers

Food manufacturers love putting effort into creating the best products on the market, but there’s a lot of extraneous work involved in bringing a food product to retail that tends to take away from this main goal. Producers are always on the lookout for technologies and processes that can increase their ROI while decreasing the amount of time spent on the paperwork side of food making. LabelCalc is one such solution that saves time, money, and effort for those seeking a more efficient way to create their own nutrition facts panels. Below you’ll see some testimonials from our satisfied clients.

“I found the program easy to use. I went through the online tutorials and began creating labels the same day without any further instruction. We had properly compliant labels on the shelves within 5 days. Having the unlimited version of the program allows me to add additional products and to test potential products which helps in deciding on recipes. In summary we got to market quickly, safely, and at an affordable price.”

David Terwilleger | President | Twig Enterprises Inc, Tony and Alba’s Pizza and Pasta

“LabelCalc was wonderful and very easy to use to make my nutritional facts labels. I also found the customer support to be very helpful and friendly and would use it for all my products in the future. It was easy to get a hold of someone to talk me through every step each time I used it. The quality of the downloaded files was perfect for print and my labels not only look good, but have reliable and accurate nutritional information.”

Kari Mansfeld | Owner | Kari’s Malva Pudding

“LabelCalc offers an efficient and reasonably priced alternative to the other options in the marketplace. While prices for laboratory analysis, nutrition CDs and third-party consultants can run to thousands of dollars, LabelCalc successfully minimizes these costs by utilizing a database of 20,000+ ingredients primarily compiled from USDA Nutrient Laboratory data.”

Natural Foods Magazine | Featured Article

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