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How to Tackle FDA Regulations as a New Food Business

As a new business, it can feel daunting to tackle FDA Regulations. Creating a new product alone is a large feat. The journey of getting your product from creation to the shelves is an even larger one. What if it didn’t have to be so challenging? There’s an easier, more effective, and better way to comply with FDA standards. Here’s how you can master the ever-complex labyrinth of FDA regulations and get your product on the shelves.

How to Comply With FDA Regulations

Many new food businesses never see their products in retail because of the endless hoops they have to jump through. Most burgeoning companies don’t know where to begin when it comes to FDA compliance. This is completely understandable, as there are a lot of moving parts to follow. However, it’s easier than you’d think.

The FDA’s specifications require a vigilant understanding of which ingredients are acceptable and which are not. Without the assistance of label analysis, most businesses fail to comply with FDA standards. LabelCalc is an all-in-one nutrition analysis program that creates FDA-compliant nutrition labels in minutes. This way, you get to focus on what matters most: creating a sensational food product.

LabelCalc analyzes allergens, serving sizes, and a wide spectrum of ingredients. Through analyzing the ingredients present in your product, LabelCalc creates an FDA-compliant label. The built-in database houses thousands of ingredients and possesses an allergen-flagging system, too. By specifying ingredient usage and deconstructing the product, LabelCalc refines this complex process. This significantly reduces the time it takes to get your product from production to retail. This way, your business can begin to thrive.

Why It’s Essential to Understand FDA Regulations

Understanding and complying with FDA regulations is essential to the well-being of your business. Without an FDA-compliant nutrition label, you’ll never see your product in retail. Most companies spend years creating an amazing product only to see it fail due to a lack of FDA compliance. 

Not only this, but FDA standards change regularly and rapidly. It’s up to the brands to meet these changes and adapt to an ever-evolving industry. When the demands of the industry change, brands must follow suit, or else they risk failure. No matter how large or small your business may be, FDA standards affect everyone. Don’t risk the sanctity of your business for an error in FDA compliance.

What Does the FDA Regulate?

So what exactly does the FDA regulate? Even with the assistance of an accurate nutrition analysis program, businesses need to be aware of these regulations.

The FDA is responsible for protecting public health. They do so by monitoring drugs, animal drugs, biological products, medical devices, tobacco, cosmetics, electronics, and of course, food. The FDA requires transparent labels on all food products made for consumption by animals or humans. This means there needs to be an accurate description of nutritional facts, ingredients, allergens, serving sizes, and caloric intake. Without an accurate nutrition label, your product will not make it to retail. 

The FDA does not monitor facilities or locations where products are manufactured. However, all facilities are subject to inspection by the FDA. 

Choose LabelCalc for Easy FDA Compliance

LabelCalc has analyzed over 30,000 food products without a single recall. Trusted brands use LabelCalc to receive FDA-approved labels in a matter of minutes. If you’re a new food business and need accurate analysis for your product, schedule a free consultation today. An FDA-certified nutritionist will guide you in the right direction. This way, you’ll get to see your product hit the shelves without any hassle.