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LabelCalc Unveils Exciting Rebrand to Reflect Company’s Evolution and Vision

Florham Park, NJ, February 2024 – LabelCalc, a leading provider of online nutrition analysis software, is thrilled to announce a rebranding initiative that includes a new corporate brand identity, redesigned logo and website. The rebranding reflects LabelCalc’s commitment to innovation, growth and its vision for the future of nutrition analysis for food manufacturers.

The rebranding comes at a pivotal time as the company expands its offerings and reinforces its position as a trusted partner for food manufacturers and retailers seeking compliance with nutrition labeling regulations.

“The LabelCalc team is excited to unveil a refreshed brand experience across all platforms, reflecting our dedication and forward-thinking approach as a leading software solution in the nutrition analysis and food labeling industry,” said Angela Toland, marketing manager at LabelCalc.

“This rebrand represents our ongoing commitment to providing a cutting-edge solution that empowers businesses to navigate the complexities of food labeling with ease and confidence.”

LabelCalc’s brand refresh includes new logos, color palette and typography. The company’s new modern logo and website reflect its core focus on providing an FDA compliant nutrition labeling software solution. LabelCalc’s clients include food manufacturers and retailers across the food and beverage space.

In addition to the rebranding, LabelCalc is introducing new features and enhancements to its suite of services that resonate with its target audience. The updated brand identity emphasizes transparency, expertise, and customer-centricity, reinforcing LabelCalc’s reputation as a trusted industry leader. View the new brand and website at

About LabelCalc

LabelCalc, a Datacor company, is a leading provider of online nutrition analysis software designed to make nutrition analysis simpler and more cost-effective for food manufacturers and retailers. LabelCalc’s all-in-one online Nutrition Facts panel generator leverages a comprehensive USDA-compiled database and user-generated ingredients to build recipes. Users conduct nutrition analysis of food products and generate FDA-compliant nutrition labels in various format options. The company was acquired by Datacor in 2023, further expanding Datacor’s portfolio and market reach in the food and beverage industry. Learn more at


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