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FDA Revokes Use of Brominated Vegetable Oil (BVO) in Food Products

We are committed to keeping our customers informed about important regulatory changes that impact the food industry. Recently, the FDA announced a significant update regarding the use of brominated vegetable oil (BVO) in food products.

The Update

Effective August 2, 2024, the FDA has revoked its authorization for the use of brominated vegetable oil (BVO) in food products after a thorough review and consideration of the available scientific evidence. BVO has been used in certain beverages, such as sodas and sports drinks, to keep flavoring oils evenly distributed. However, concerns have been raised about its potential health effects, including its impact on the thyroid gland and the accumulation of bromine in the body. Food manufacturers are required to comply with this new regulation within one year, during which they must reformulate, relabel, and deplete their inventories of products containing BVO.

What This Means for You

At LabelCalc, we understand the challenges that come with regulatory changes. The FDA’s revocation means that BVO is no longer permitted for use in food products marketed in the United States. Our platform is here to support you in adapting to this new requirement. With our comprehensive nutrition analysis and food labeling software, you can:

  • Easily Identify and Remove BVO: Use our ingredient database to quickly identify any products containing BVO and make necessary adjustments.
  • Update Labels Effortlessly: Our software allows you to update your product labels to reflect the removal of BVO, ensuring compliance with FDA regulations.
  • Stay Informed: We’ll continue to monitor regulatory updates to provide you with the latest information and help you stay ahead of compliance requirements.

If you have any questions or need assistance with updating your labels, our team is here to help. For more details on the FDA’s revocation of the BVO regulation, read the full update here.

About LabelCalc

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