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Ditch the Food Lab: Discover The New Techie Way to Create a Nutrition Label

For decades, manufacturers have relied on food labs in order to provide them with the necessary nutritional analysis required by the FDA in order to create a nutrition label with accompanying ingredient and allergen statement that is compliant with all FDA regulations. If you’ve been in manufacturing for some time now, it’s a process that you’ve likely become well accustomed to. Perhaps you’ve scheduled the premiere of a new product out in order to account for the lengthy turnaround time it takes to send a product recipe to a food lab and receive your nutrient analysis. (And let’s not forget the added time it takes when you receive the analysis and decides you’d like to change an ingredient or maybe your recipe was higher in sodium than you would have hoped.)

FDA-Compliance Without a Food Lab

Maybe you’re completely new to food manufacturing and are confused about what route to take that will help you create your nutrition label without ruffling the feathers of the FDA. After guiding manufacturers to grocery-shelf status for years now, we can assure you that you are not alone. Many fellow manufacturers are wondering the same thing:

How do I create a nutrition label? How can I make sure it’s FDA compliant? And how do I do this without spending my life savings before I ever reach retail? 

While a food lab is a secure way to receive an accurate analysis, it can be a very lengthy and expensive ordeal. And most likely, you still have to go through the added step of translating that report to an actual Nutrition Facts panel format before it’s then sent off to be printed. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With the technological advances made in the last several years, becoming a food manufacturer and securing your first nutrition label doesn’t have to be expensive or lengthy at all.

Industry-leading nutrition calculator and food label creator

The LabelCalc software helps you create a nutrition facts panel for your food product without ever having to leave your office.

Out With the Old, In With the New

What if we told you that you can skip that entire process and create FDA-compliant nutrition facts panels in the comfort of your own office, and receive an instant, accurate analysis of your food product in minutes? Sounds to good to be true, right? However, this is what we at LabelCalc have prided ourselves on for well over 15 years. If you have the dream of bringing your famous BBQ sauce to market, we want to get on board with that dream and help you achieve it confidently! Now you don’t have to worry about the long-tail journey of sending your product recipe to a food lab and waiting weeks to receive your analysis. Using the LabelCalc platform, you can access the USDA database for general and branded ingredients, pull up the ingredients you have used to create your secret BBQ sauce recipe, and compile a report on your food product in a few clicks of the mouse.

There is nothing, we repeat, NOTHING to download. All you need is a secure internet connection and a working device to begin creating your nutrition panels right from your own home or office. Need to make a change on your recipe? Have you discovered that you like brown sugar instead of molasses in your smoky sauce? Login to your LabelCalc account and change your recipe! You don’t have to wait on a lab and stifle your creative process, no way! Keep creating to your heart’s content. And then when your recipe is ready, simply download your nutrition panel and print it right from your home computer. If you are out-sourcing your packaging, you can send your completed label file to your packaging partner and get your delicious recipe on breathtaking briskets everywhere!

create nutrition label for bbq sauce

Once upon a time, these sauce makers were dreamers in need of a nutrition label too.

Maybe you aren’t a manufacturing newbie and you have an established product line. No worries. We’ve got the juice to power even the most established of manufacturing giants. We regularly work with large distribution companies and some of the most prevalent product lines on the market. There’s no labeling project too big for us to handle. (Speaking of, thinking about outsourcing your labeling? We have options for that too.)

Ready to Label But Want Some Assistance?

So maybe you’ve reached this point and you’re feeling more confident (heck, we hope you are) but perhaps you’re thinking it would be nice to have a little assistance in your labeling process, but you don’t necessarily want to use our dietitian consulting services. Maybe DIY labeling + version? Geez, aren’t you in luck…

Our Assisted Virtual Analysis Assistant (she likes to be called A.V.A) was designed for those DIY’ers who want that little bit of affirmation to know they’re on the right track. A.V.A. was designed by our staff Nutritionist to walk you through every step of the way so that you feel secure creating your labels. Since her program was formulated by a nutritionist, you can rest assured that you are performing your recipe entry correctly and that you are up to FDA standards, every single time you log in to create a label.

nutrition label creation assistant

A.V.A. can help you create your nutrition label with confidence. With the backing of a Nutritionist and built-in FDA compliance regulations, you can’t go wrong!

So it’s not like we’re knocking the food lab, they definitely have their place for the manufacturer who has discovered a brand new ingredient deep in the Amazon. But for those who are using ingredients that we all know and love (and even some homemade), LabelCalc has every resource you need to ditch the lab and create nutrition labels with confidence.

Oh, by the way, did we mention we host Free Live Labeling Events so you can learn about creating nutrition panels, becoming FDA-compliant, and more? Yep, we do that too. Join our upcoming event this week by registering here.

See you later food lab, just LabelCalc it.

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