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Nutrition Label Formats

FDA-Approved Nutrition Label Formats for Every Food Product

So you’re a food manufacturer who needs a nutrition label. That’s why you’re here, right? Maybe you’re brand new to manufacturing and you believe your Aunt Sally’s sauce is slammin and you want to get “Aunt Sally’s Slammin Sauce” into retail grocery stores. Or maybe you have an established product line and need to update your labels for new packaging. Maybe your ingredients have changed and you need an updated nutrition analysis to include the new ingredients and the thought of using a lab makes you break out in a cold sweat thinking about your budget. At any rate, no matter what example you identify with, you are all here for the same reason: to create an FDA-certified nutrition label for your food product(s). Now the question is: which of the nutrition label formats are the right ones for your product? 

You may or may not know this but a large part of FDA compliance is selecting the right label for your product packaging. There are label formats for large packaging, small packaging, multi-packs and any other product categories you can imagine. Below we’ll dig deeper into the types of labels to help you determine the best label for your food product. Continue reading for a simple breakdown for the label formats available to determine the suitable match for your food product. 

Standard Label

This standard format is the type of label that you will find on the majority of food product packaging.

Nutrition Label Formats

This is your fail-proof label. If you aren’t sure what label to use (although we will help you find the right one) this format is the fail safe. The 2020 FDA compliant standard label is used on over 75% of product packaging. This label is great for both simple recipes and products that have a more complicated breakdown.

The Dual Label

Nutrition Label Formats and facts

The Dual label is great for when you have multiple flavors in one package. If you’ve ever gotten Nepolitan ice cream, you’ve seen this label. This label gives the manufacturer the ability to display multiple products and/or flavors on one label. This label is not ideal for small packaging but works well for multi-pack.

Tabular Label

This nutrition label format is suitable for horizontal packaging or for small packaging. This tabular label is suitable for single-serve products like candy bars, pastries, and other simple food products that are sold individually.

Nutrition facts

Linear Label

Linear labels, as pictured below, are best-suited for products that come in small packaging. The linear label is best suited for candies, gum, and other small products that have minimal real estate on product packaging yet require nutritional information reporting.

other facts

No matter what type of label you are needing for your food product, the LabelCalc platform can provide exactly what you need to be FDA-compliant. With nutrition label formats in all shapes and sizes, LabelCalc is your go-to labeling platform for all of your food products. Skip the lab and go straight to labeling with the number one nutrition-databased platform in the industry.