View Sample Nutrition Facts Panels from LabelCalc in various FDA-Approved Layouts

Below you can see the various FDA-approved formats offered by LabelCalc, that you can pick for your final product label—each of which is fully compliant, yet customizable to fit your specific packaging needs. As a LabelCalc customer, you can download your Nutrition Facts Label as many times as you wish and in any of the following layouts.

LabelCalc has all of the various Nutrition Facts Label templates built right into the software. Here, we show both the current label formats and nutrient calculations, alongside the new label formats and revised nutrient listing required:

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Current Standard Format:

Standard (The 2020 Required Format):

Horizontal (Current Format):

Linear (Current Format):

Linear (The 2020 Required Format):

Side By Side (Current Format):

Side By Side (The 2020 Required Format):

Tabular (Current Format):

Tabular (The 2020 Required Format):

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