Innovative Features Designed for the Food Manufacturer

LabelCalc® is the only online application created specifically to make FDA compliant nutrition labels for the food manufacturing industry.

Our clients create FDA-compliant fact panels quickly with our easy-to-use system. We’ve designed LabelCalc with features that make the nutrition analysis process so easy, you’ll have no trouble creating labels that are fully customized to your specifications. Below you’ll explore features inherent in LabelCalc’s design—those that apply to regulatory compliance, features that help you customize your facts panels, and the innovations we are most proud of.

LabelCalc’s Easy To Use Features

Nothing to Install

LabelCalc is entirely online—no installation, no waiting. Use our software from any computer!

Easy To Use

Clients love our easy-to-use software, and LabelCalc’s interface has been intuitively designed by registered dietitians to fit the needs of food manufacturers.

Daily Backup & Recovery

LabelCalc runs with a secure recovery system that is backed up daily. Your recipes are safe with us!

Recipe Confidentiality

Your recipes are 100% confidential, guaranteed. No one but you will have access to your LabelCalc account.

Our Software Assists with FDA Compliance


LabelCalc’s method of database nutritional analysis has been FDA-approved for use in the food manufacturing industry.

Ingredient Database

LabelCalc utilizes a database of over 18,000 ingredients commonly found in the American diet—as compiled by the USDA.

Rounding Rules

Your results include both unrounded and FDA-rounding rules results for your convenience. You choose which goes on your label.

Allergen Statements

LabelCalc identifies allergen content for each recipe so you can easily modify your allergen warnings for each product.

Weighted-order Ingredients

Easily download and edit your automatically-created weighted-order ingredients statement.

Customize Your Nutrition Analysis Experience

Instant Labels

Enter your ingredients and serving size, and you’ll instantly receive an FDA-Compliant Nutrition Facts Panel Label which you can download in JPEG, TIFF, and BMP file formats.

Varied Layouts

Print your labels in any of our multiple FDA-approved standard layouts. We even have options for abbreviated listings and footnotes.

Add Your Own Ingredients

If you can’t find a supplier’s ingredient in our comprehensive database, it’s easy to add your own.

Add Voluntary Nutrients

Where data is available, you have the ability to add additional voluntary nutrients to your nutrition label to customize your analysis even further.

Features that Make LabelCalc Unique

Nutrient Comparison

Find out how each ingredient in your recipe contributes nutritionally to the overall value—in real time. Switching out sweeteners has never been this much fun.

Product Library

Our product library allows you to keep all your recipes and analysis results in one accessible location.

Multiple Users

To make the process even easier, our software allows multiple users to access and edit your recipes— with your specific consent, of course.

Save Recipes as Preps

Save a sauce, dressing or icing recipe as a “prep” that you can import into future recipes.

Duplicate a Recipe

No more painstakingly reentering similar recipes ten times. With one click, you can duplicate any recipe and alter it to create variations.

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LabelCalc’s innovative features make nutrition analysis simple, timesaving, and cost-effective for the food manufacturer. Learn more about our pricing plans to find an access point that fits exactly what you’re looking for, or feel free to reach out to us directly to discuss our features in more detail.