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Importing in the U.S? Need an FDA-Approved Nutrition Label? We can help!

LabelCalc for Importers

Do you need an FDA-Approved Nutrition Panel to bring your product into the United States? We can help with that. Check out our options for Importers below: 

Create Your Own Nutrition Label

Using our DIY platform, you or a qualified member of your team can create FDA-Approved Nutrition Labels for your food products.

Let Us Create Your Label

Utilize our Registered Dietitian Services and have your FDA-Approved Nutrition Labels, Ingredient Statements and Allergen Statements created for you in 1-2 days.

Need Your Label Reviewed?

Our Nutrition Staff can review your existing labels for FDA-Compliance and assist with further updates.

Our Top Resources for Food Importers

Need More Assistance?

Take a look at our checklist that covers everything you need to know about gaining FDA-Approval for import into the United States.


Get FDA-Compliant for Import into the United States with LabelCalc