LabelCalc Partners with Simply Barcodes to Provide Approved UPC Barcodes for Food Manufacturers

In addition to needing nutrition facts panels, most food retailers require your product to be labeled with a UPC barcode. To simplify the process for our food manufacturing industry customers, LabelCalc has partnered with Simply Barcodes, who will provide you with the following barcode services:

Low Initial Cost (89/code)
No ongoing annual fees
Free barcode graphic
Orders are completed within hours

As an added bonus, Simply Barcodes has agreed to give our LabelCalc customers a discount on all their barcode needs. Simply enter the promo code below when checking out and receive 10% off your barcode purchase.

LabelCalc clients received 10% off on all barcodes.

Use promo code: labelcalc210

Combining Simply Barcodes’ UPC services with your LabelCalc account means that all your product labeling needs are covered. Your products are ready for immediate marketing to food retailers around the United States. Visit the Simply Barcodes site to learn more about how you can start saving on your UPC barcodes.

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