2020 Flavor Trends

The 2020 Flavor Trends that are Changing the Food Industry

As we enter the fourth quarter it’s important to begin preparing for 2021 by reviewing the past year of 2020 flavor trends and be aware of their evolution into what will soon be the first quarter of the new year. This past year of flavor trends brought us back in time to when we were kids with an uptick in nostalgic flavors and traditional flavors as well. 

Sweet Memories

Remember what it was like when you’d be playing outside on a hot summer day and you’d hear the unforgettable tune twinkling in the air from the ice cream truck as it approached your neighborhood? Seems like we all do, and we’ve all enjoyed reliving these moments through CPG products in 2020.

2020 flavor trends

2020 flavor trends are all about going back into childhood and reliving sweet memories through the palate.

Candies and other sweet treats were rolled out with flavors we all grew to love like “rocket pop” (the red, white and blue rocket-shaped popsicle) and “birthday cake” has been another nostalgic favorite that has come back to please our inner child and allow us to reminisce with our children as we share in these old-time flavors together with a whole new generation of sweet-lovers. 

According to Synergy Flavors in an interview with NutritionalInfoOutlook.com

Birthday cake, for instance, appeals as a flavor to those “with a sweet tooth looking for unique flavors that are youthful, fun, and celebratory,” says flavor supplier Synergy Flavors (Wauconda, IL). This flavor is making its way into categories like sports nutrition, such as in protein bars.

Traditional Flavors

To add to this flavor throwback, traditional flavors have made their way to the forefront of fruit-flavored products across the market. Blueberry flavor in particular has been a front-running flavor in the traditional fruit trend. According to Eric Tang, a leading florist in the food industry, 

“Classic blueberry is a fantastic flavor to work with because it’s robust and multifaceted,” said Eric Tang, flavorist, Firmenich, in the press release. “Blueberry has standout floral notes and distinct tanginess, with fresh green and sweet elements woven in. Besides the classic pairings you find with blueberry, I’m also drawn to pairing it with less obvious matches, such as black tea or habanero,” he added.

2020 flavor trends speak to traditional flavors

2020 flavor trends speak to traditional flavors we all know and love. A versatile flavor like blueberry can work across many recipes, from pies to sauces.


This particular category should come as no surprise especially in the wake of COVID-19 and everyone’s concern with their immune system. Flavors that are known for boosting immune system and reducing inflammation such as: 

  • Turmeric
  • Cinnamon
  • Ginger 
  • Lavender 
  • Honey

Have continued to influence the way we eat and enjoy food. Whether it’s a honey-lavender latte (a personal favorite) or “golden milk” which is created by mixing turmeric with your favorite plant-based milk and consumed for it’s anti-inflammatory properties, plant-based is leading the way and here to stay. 

LabelCalc and flavor trends

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