New Launches Amidst Coronavirus Crisis

New Launches Amidst Coronavirus Crisis

Several months into the coronavirus crisis, food businesses have begun to adjust to a “new normal”. For some that means increasing production while others have adopted more efficient methods of operation. And then there are a crazy few, who saw fit to launch brand new food products in the middle of a pandemic. These innovators are fighting COVID-19 with an unwavering eye on the horizon, with nothing but great expectations in sight. And we are happy to announce, we are amongst the fearless few. But we will save the best for last.

Introducing the Meat-less Burger

No no, we’re not talking about another plant-based burger. We mean meat-less as in “less” meat. Right in the middle of the corona outbreak, Applegate has launched Well Carved: a veggie burger hybrid that is the first to include real meat. These minimally meaty burgers blend vegetables and legumes — such as sweet potato, Great Northern beans, kale and roasted onions — with cuts of meat we all know and love.

While more and more plant-based meat products are coming to market as a response to the  impact that meat consumption has on the environment, Applegate has a different point of view:

“People love meat and they aren’t going to simply stop eating it, nor should they have to, regardless of how many highly processed soy or pea-based burgers you put on the market,” Applegate President John Ghingo said in a release. “Well Carved offers an easy way for consumers to enjoy the real, clean meat they crave while also reducing overall consumption.”

It’s an interesting perspective on reducing meat consumption. Instead of opting to go meatless on days throughout the week, the consumer now has the option to just eat a little less meat, everyday.


Another sustainably-based product line that’s no stranger to the LabelCalc blog, ReGrained, has announced the release of their new puffs during the coronavirus pandemic. Made from a blend of flour from brewer’s spent grain that has been mixed with other organic grains and flavorings, these puffs pack a nutritious punch that makes you feel good about eating them.

These innovators are always looking for unique opportunities to create new business. While feeding a hungry belly is a problem-solved all in itself, these snacks were created to improve the environment by using a byproduct of beer-making that is usually tossed out by the ton.

As time goes on, more and more environmentally conscious companies have begun to rise to the surface. These companies, who thrive on efficiency in order to create something new, have a bigger goal in mind and view chaos (like a pandemic) as an opportunity to tighten up operations and improve. And we’re happy to count ourselves among them.

LabelCalc Relaunched!

At this point, we can all agree that things have changed so drastically throughout the food industry that nothing will ever be the same. For months, we were head down in revisions for LabelCalc, attempting to bring you an upgraded version of LabelCalc that could help you handle everything regarding nutrition analysis and labeling to FDA-compliance in a more efficient way.

And then corona hit. We had to go back to the drawing board and decide not only what was best for us, but what we believed what was best for you (our clients) during a time where everything had become unfamiliar. After hours of conversation, we have been a united front in our decision to move forward with our relaunch, bringing you free options and features that we believe will help you not only make it through coronavirus season, but give you the opportunity to grow as well.

Be on the lookout for the new LabelCalc launching this week! In the meantime, contact us for more information. Be well and be safe! LabelCalc has got your back.

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