Update Food Labeling Software

Why it’s about time You Updated Your Food Labeling Software

If you’re a food manufacturer in the food service business or you’re thinking about creating a food product to be sold into retail stores, you know the importance of a nutrition facts panel. It’s the single component of your food labeling that can make or break your ability to be FDA-compliant. And in the the world of packaged food products, that’s kind of a big deal. In recent years, nutrition analysis and food labeling software have come a long way. A far cry from the old excel sheet, labeling software has the ability to bring you from recipe to retail in the matter of minutes. If you are still using an overpriced consultant for a single product recipe and exporting your product recipes into excel sheets, you’re doing this food labeling thing all wrong and it might just be time to update your food labeling software. 

Update Food Labeling Software - labelCalc

The LabelCalc software helps you create a nutrition facts panel for your food product without ever having to leave your device!

Independent Consultant

In previous articles we’ve covered the importance of the accuracy of a nutrition facts panel and how a single ingredient change can alter your entire food product requiring another nutrition analysis. If you’re doing food labeling the old-fashioned way, this can be quite costly. And quite often, outsourcing the creation of your nutrition facts panel to an independent consultant won’t necessarily check off all of the boxes when it comes to your labeling needs. While most independent nutrition consultants may be able to provide a proper nutrition analysis of your food product, it is unlikely that they can also walk you through nutrient content claims and other components that pertain to your food product being labeling appropriately. 

Appropriate Ingredient and Allergen Statements

The labeling process is complex and requires adherence to several labeling regulations that go beyond nutrition analysis reports. For example, food manufacturers are now required to place an allergen statement on all food products containing the top 8 food allergens. A proper ingredient statement in descending order is also required by FDA labeling regulations. 

While an independent consultant will most definitely provide the nutritional information necessary for the manufacturer to derive what they need to create a proper ingredient and allergen statement, it is unlikely that the consultant will provide the proper format and the food manufacturer, you, are left looking for another labeling software that can provide you with the labeling system that you need to produce not only your nutrition facts panel but the accompanying ingredient statement complete with allergen warning. 

This is where an up-to-date labeling solution like LabelCalc comes in. Sure, we may be a little biased, but that’s because we pride ourselves on helping you be efficient in your labeling process. We don’t want you to take any more time than you have to in getting your food product onto retail shelves. That’s why we have created a labeling software that provides your nutrition analysis, ingredient statement, allergen warning complete with the latest 2020 label format available for immediate download.  It’s everything you require to meet your labeling needs from A-Z, all in one place. 

Why settle for ROM-based software when you can have an option that doesn't take up any space on your computer and updates automatically?

Why settle for ROM-based software when you can have an option that doesn’t take up any space on your computer and updates automatically?

Don’t even get us started on ROM software that require a physical disk and a comprehensive training service you have to pay for. Yes, that’s correct. Some places require you to purchase an outdated means of labeling and then charge you to learn their archaic system! And while the aforementioned labeling software programs are busy charging you for training and an FDA-compliance review, we’re busy making sure that you meet the criteria of FDA-compliance during your labeling process. It’s the all-inclusive answer to all things nutrition facts labeling and FDA-compliance. Why use multiple platforms when you only need to use one? We hope you’re wondering the same thing. 

Interested in a simple labeling solution for your food product? LabelCalc is the most-trusted nutrition analysis software and nutrition facts panel creator in the food industry. Contact us today for more information.

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