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The Top 3 Ways to Print Nutrition Labels

There are many ways to print nutrition labels for your product. Find out which is best for you.

There are many ways to print nutrition labels for your product. Find out which is best for you.

So, you’ve decided that you want to dip your toe into the food industry and are envisioning a career as a potential food manufacturer for the first time. You’ve developed a food product that you think is pretty sound, people like it, and you want to test out your creation to see if it’s viable for sale. So you do some reading and discover that the FDA requires you to label your product with the right nutrition facts. You go through the process of researching the current FDA-approved food label layout and you have found a company that can provide your nutrition analysis and you are equipped with your new product labels.

Now what?

We’re sure you’re asking the question that all first time food manufacturers want to know:

How in the World Do I Print My Nutrition Labels?

That is a simple question that has many answers. If you are looking for a simple peel and stick label, you might consider downloading your nutrition facts label and calibrating with labels from staples you can use with your home printer.

If you are a little bit further into the game and you need, say, 1,000 labels or more, you may want to outsource the printing to another company. A commercial printing company, can handle the larger volume of custom nutrition labels you need printed but they also usually have someone available to help with label design for your product logo and other information you might want to be front-facing on your product.

If this route doesn’t suffice, you may actually be asking more of a packaging question than a label question. Most food manufacturers aren’t necessarily looking for a sticker label when it comes to their food products or even the listing of their nutritional information through an FDA approved food label. The question becomes:

How Do I Properly Package and Label My Product?

This question can largely be answered through contacting a packaging company. Companies like Pak Factory can help with packaging and printing to provide you with a nutrition label printed on the back of your product as well as the label design, barcode, serving size and your personal branding information.

This is done through a large commercial digital printer in a process called Flexographic Printing. After working with a design specialist to nail down the color scheme, wording, and information being placed on your product, choosing the proper packaging (i.e. box, pouch, resealable bag, or roll stock) and approving your mock-up, your packaging will then go to print. This will result in a package that represents your branding with a logo, describes what your product is and last but not least, provides a nutrition label and ingredient list directly integrated onto your printed product packaging.

The type of packaging you choose would be based upon the type of food product you want to package. From here, the completed box, pouch, etc. would go back to your facility or your co-packer for packing and sealing. Packaging companies tend to be very competitive and are always working to come up with new technology for their food product packaging. Determining the right fit for your product can come with a lot of perks, including prolonged shelf-life, product freshness and shelf-appeal.

Flexible Packaging and Roll-Stock for Food Products

Another way to print your labels is by having them printed on large sheets that form into packaging called roll stock. Roll stock is another option for products that is very cost-effective. Roll stock comes on a large roll that is pre-sized to suit your product. It is printed with your branding information as well as your nutrition fact label. Your pre-printed roll stock film is then sent to your facility where you then package your products, wrapping and sealing appropriately.

Shrink sleeves are another packaging option that can display your food label as well as the label design for your product. These are what’s known as flexible packaging. Shrink sleeves are are ideal for a beverage or liquid food product. Shrink wrap can be digitally printed upon to contain every bit of nutritional information, product labels, barcodes, and branding as it’s traditional counter part but can be applied to a bottle or other box with the application of heat without the use of adhesive. As touted in it’s name, shrink sleeves shrink to fit the product forming a tight seal while displaying all necessary information in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

Many times in the food industry, things aren’t always what they seem. When it comes to printing nutrition labels, you may actually be looking for packaging to display your nutritional information. By understanding your product and distribution needs, you can properly determine the right route to print nutrition labels and you might learn a thing or two about something else you didn’t know you needed!

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