Starting a Sauce Business the Smart Way: Making Nutrition Facts Labels Online

Starting a sauce business is exciting and daunting at the same time. After all, perfecting your recipes, pitching them to retail stores, and creating a marketing plan certainly takes a lot of work. On top of it all, you must make sure you have proper FDA-compliant nutrition facts labels for each of your special sauces. And while making nutrition labels may seem difficult and expensive for those just starting out in the food manufacturing business, the process can actually be quite quick, simple, and affordable.

Using a reputable FDA-compliant online nutritional analysis software for your nutrition labels, you can forgo time-consuming food lab analysis, expensive independent consultants, and confusing CD-ROMs. Instead, online software allows you to perform the nutritional analysis yourself from any computer and create customized nutrition facts labels for your sauces easily and efficiently.

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Create Nutrition Labels For Sauces in Five Easy Steps

Using an online nutritional analysis software like LabelCalc, you can create FDA-approved nutrition facts panels for your sauces in minutes. Our user-friendly software only requires a few simple steps:

Find the pricing option that is right for you and create an account with LabelCalc.

Sign in to your password-protected account.
Enter the recipe and serving size for your sauce product. Your nutrition facts panel will be instantly generated.
Adjust ingredients, modify allergen statements, and choose a layout that suits your package, regardless of size.
Download and print your FDA-compliant nutrition facts panel.

Our team of nutrition label expert consultants are here to answer any questions, and our comprehensive video demos make it easy to navigate the software.

LabelCalc’s Features

New food manufacturers continually adjust their secret sauce recipes to come up with new versions that align with popular food trends or respond to consumer requests. That’s why LabelCalc has included a duplicate function that allows you to create a copy of an original recipe and modify it without re-entering the entire recipe.

Experiment with new products by changing up the oils in your vinaigrettes, reducing sodium in your alfredo, or making a nut-free version of your best-selling pesto. Your new nutrition facts panels and allergen statements will generate immediately.

Other unique LabelCalc features include:

Daily backup and recovery so your recipes are safe and secure.

100% confidentiality so your recipes remain top-secret.

Extensive ingredient database with over 18,000 USDA-compiled ingredients.

Add your own ingredient feature if you don’t see one in our database.

FDA rounding rules so you can see both your rounded and unrounded nutrient values.

Allergen identification to notify you of any necessary allergen statements.

Nutrient Content Claims so you know if your product qualifies for any health claims.

Add voluntary nutrients to customize your label and highlight your product’s virtues.

Trusted by thousands of food manufactures and startup food businesses worldwide, and international recognized brands:

What is LabelCalc?

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Making a name for yourself in the sauce manufacturing industry can be challenging, but generating your nutrition labels doesn’t have to be. LabelCalc allows you to create sauce nutrition labels efficiently and affordably, freeing up time and money you can spend on other important areas of your business. With accurate, FDA-compliant nutrition labels, you can pitch your product with confidence, sign retail deals to put your sauces on store shelves, and start turning a profit. Contact us today to start creating your sauce nutrition labels.