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Why Food Manufacturers Should Switch From CD-based to Web-based Nutritional Analysis Software

CD-ROM nutrition analysis software can be headache-inducing.

CD-ROM nutrition analysis software can be headache-inducing. Photo credit: Flickr user CollegeDegrees360.

If you’ve been in the food manufacturing business for awhile, you’ve probably used CD-ROM software to analyze your product. Perhaps your CD is now outdated and you’re looking to purchase a newer version. Or maybe you are new to the biz and trying to decide which system of analysis to use when creating your nutrition facts label.

If you want to do your nutritional analysis internally, then you basically have two options: CD-ROM or web-based software. They may not seem that different at first glance—functionally, they provide the same service in that they allow you to perform nutritional analysis—but it’s important to carefully consider your choices. If you opt for a CD-ROM software, you could be left with a headache and a hole in your pocket. Let’s look at why making the switch from a CD-ROM nutritional analysis software to a web-based analysis software will save you money, time, and perhaps most importantly, your sanity.

The Steep Cost of CD-ROM Softwares

If you’ve done a little perusing online, you may be thinking that a CD-based software will be cheaper. After all, it’s a one-time fee, right? Actually, that couldn’t be further from the truth; CD-based software comes with a lot of hidden fees that you will undoubtedly uncover if you choose this option.

For starters, you might need to hire someone to train you and any employees who will be using the software. Of course, this will depend on the level of your tech skills and the patience you have with figuring out a new and often complex program. While certain CD-ROM programs have support lines you can call for help in a pinch, actual training will likely come at an unattractive price—it can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to thousands of bucks to set you and your company up for success. Oh, and if you want to add multiple users (such as other company members), that’ll cost you, too, because it means setting up a network server.

If the extra cost of the initial training and addition of users weren’t enough, protection of your recipes may cost you extra as well. Many CD-ROMs don’t come with password protection, meaning that anyone who gets ahold of your computer can easily access the information. Setting up a secure log-in adds another charge.

There may be even more costs once you start using the program. If the software lacks any of the ingredients you require in its database, you can choose to add a custom ingredient. The catch? It may not be free. Some CD-ROM software can charge around twenty-five dollars per custom ingredient. All things considered, this doesn’t seem like a cost-effective option. So what is?

Web-Based Softwares Offer Savings

With web-based nutritional analysis software, all of the above-mentioned features that cost you extra dollars with a CD-based software are free. Nope, you don’t need to spend a bunch of money to train your employees. To ensure you feel confident and comfortable using our software, LabelCalc offers free demos, weekly webinars, and tons of literature addressing common questions. As a user, you will also have daily access to our online support team, who can help you with any issues you may run into.

Since web-based accounts are protected with a secure login, you can know your recipes are safe. Plus, you can add as many users as you’d like—all they need is the password. And LabelCalc allows you to use custom ingredients free of charge. So basically, all you are paying for is the software. When it comes to payment, LabelCalc gives you some options. If you only need to analyze one or two recipes, we offer a low per-recipe rate. If your needs are greater, you can purchase unlimited access and analyze any number of recipes.

Convenient, Time-Saving Web-Based Analysis

Money isn’t the only thing you’ll be tossing out with the trash if you opt for CD-ROM software—you’ll also be wasting time. Since most CD-ROMS for nutritional analysis are only available for purchase from an online store, you’ll likely have to wait weeks for it to arrive in the mail. And if you take into account the additional time needed to install the program and learn how it works, it’ll be awhile before you can actually use the software.

It’s also worth noting that CDs are not compatible with many modern computers, like Macs, making them almost obsolete. And since the CD-based program is installed on your computer, you’re at risk of losing all your information if your computer is stolen, lost, or crashes unexpectedly.

You won’t be playing a waiting game with web-based software, as they allow you to sign up instantly (all you need is an internet connection). And you don’t have to worry about losing your information with LabelCalc, as our software backs up recipes daily. Even if your computer goes haywire, you can still access your account from any computer, anytime, anywhere.

Web-Based Nutritional Analysis: The Better Choice

CD-ROMs may have been the best option once upon a time, but their high cost, complex interface, inconvenience, and outdatedness make them an unwise choice for food manufacturers today. The beauty of web-based nutritional analysis software is in its affordability, its user-friendly interface, its adaptability, and its modern convenience. Plus, they come with built-in support from software and industry experts to make the process of nutritional analysis incredibly quick and simple.

To make your nutritional analysis a breeze, contact LabelCalc today.

What is LabelCalc?

LabelCalcⓇ is one of FoodCalc LLC’s two nutrition analysis products, created to help meet the needs of the food industry. Based in San Francisco, CA, we are a nationally recognized provider of online nutrition analysis that is fast, accurate, and FDA-compliant.

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