Make School Lunch Nutrition Labels Easily and Affordably with LabelCalc

For a school cook who feeds growing bodies and minds, a major concern is making healthy meals that comply with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans so that you qualify for federal reimbursement. This, of course, means you have to know the nutritional value of your recipes to make sure they meet the guidelines.

Many schools use CD-ROM label-making software, food labs, or private consultants for their school lunch nutrition labels. However, these methods tend to be overly complex or expensive. While it may sound difficult to obtain nutritional information for the wide variety of meals you make for your students, with the right software, creating school lunch nutrition labels is a breeze.

FDA-compliant online nutrition analysis software is the best method for schools. Not only is it easier to use and less expensive than other forms of analysis and label making, an online nutrition analysis and label software enables you to create, download, and print a complete nutrition facts panel in minutes. This makes it a highly convenient way for school cooks to provide nutrition information to concerned parents, school administration, or students themselves.

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Making School Lunch Nutrition Labels

Using an online nutritional analysis software and label maker, you can efficiently create an FDA-compliant nutrition facts panel for any of your school lunch or snack recipes. With LabelCalc’s user-friendly software, simply follow these steps:

Select our unlimited product plan and create an account with LabelCalc.

Sign in to your password-protected account.
Enter the recipe and serving size. Your nutrition facts panel will be instantly generated.
Adjust ingredients, modify allergen statements, and choose a layout that suits your package, regardless of size.
Download and print your FDA-compliant nutrition facts panel.
Our team of nutrition label expert consultants are here to answer any questions, and our comprehensive video demos make it easy to navigate the software.

LabelCalc’s Features

School cafeterias are constantly trying new recipes and adjusting existing ones to suit the tastes of students and to comply with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. That’s why we’ve included a duplicate function that allows you to make a copy of an original recipe and modify it without re-entering the entire recipe. You can also use this feature to tweak recipes for students with special dietary needs.

Other unique LabelCalc features include:

Daily backup and recovery so your recipes are safe and secure.

100% confidentiality so your recipes remain top-secret.

Extensive ingredient database with over 18,000 USDA-compiled ingredients.

Add your own ingredient feature if you don’t see one in our database.

FDA rounding rules so you can see both your rounded and unrounded nutrient values.

Allergen identification to notify you of any necessary allergen statements.

Nutrient Content Claims so you know if your product qualifies for any health claims.

Add voluntary nutrients to customize your label and highlight your product’s virtues.

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What is LabelCalc?

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No matter how diverse your cafeteria menu items are, LabelCalc allows you to create school lunch nutrition labels for your recipes quickly, easily, and affordably. Contact us today to start assessing the nutrition of your school’s lunches.