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How it Works

  1. Pull up your product recipe ingredients in our USDA-based ingredient database
  2. Enter serving size
  3. Edit allergen & ingredient statements
  4. Download & print labels

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Call For Sales: 888-804-0001

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LabelCalc’s Frequently Asked Questions

We love our software, and hope you do, too—but we understand you may have a few questions before diving in. Below we’ve compiled the most common questions we get from food manufacturers about how our product works and how we can work together.

Do I enter my information or does a LabelCalc rep do it for me?

Well, both! It actually depends on the plan you choose. If you choose to DIY, you may choose either the Pay As You Go or Unlimited Product option. If you would like our dietitian to handle the entry of your product recipes and manage your account, you may upgrade for an additional $120 to our “expert consulting plan”.

Is this a subscription?

No, Labelcalc is not subscription-based. You can either pay “per product” for your nutrition analysis and completed label or you can choose the unlimited product option, for unlimited product nutrition analysis and labeling to paid for in one lump sum.

Are you FDA approved/allowed?

Yes. The FDA closely monitors the accuracy of the nutrition information provided on a nutrition label. For this reason, our ingredient database is on a live-feed from the USDA database to ensure 100% accuracy and FDA backing.

Do you have the new 2020 formatted labels?

Yes, and in multiple layouts to fit all types of product packaging, both large and small.

Is it difficult to get started?

Getting started is as easy as choosing the appropriate plan for the number of products you require an accurate analysis and FDA-approved label. After checkout you may login and begin the entry process. You can be FDA-compliant and completely labeled in minutes!

How do I print my labels?

Your labels are available in multiple download options. You can download and print from your computer and onto label stickers (for those who have a small line of products, or who advertise on a small scale) or you may send your download files to the company you get your product packaging through and they can print it directly onto your packaging for you!

We hope that these answers have proven useful. If you have other questions about LabelCalc or how we can partner together to create compliant nutrition facts panels, contact us directly. We look forward to speaking with you.

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