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Need FDA-Compliant Nutrition Panels for your Private Label Products?

LabelCalc for Food Distributors

Have a significant amount of Private Label products you are continuously expanding and/or changing? Need the ability to create, edit and update nutritional labels on a large scale? Check out our features for Distributors.

Unlimited Labeling

Create as many nutrition panels as you like, in all of the FDA-compliant formats you need to suit every shape and size of your product packaging.

Let Us Create Your Label

Utilize our Registered Dietitian Services and have your FDA-Approved Nutrition Labels, Ingredient Statements and Allergen Statements created for you in 1-2 days.

Data Analytics

Curious about how your private label products are performing in restaurants and grocery retail stores throughout the country?

Ask Us About SmartMenu. 

See How LabelCalc Works!

In just a few steps, you can create your own FDA-Compliant nutrition label. Simply name your recipe and identify your recipe ingredients in our nutrition database to begin the process.


Create Nutrition Labels in Minutes with These Built-in Features: 

    • Guided Label Creation 
    • Instant Nutrition Analysis
    • Allergen-Flagging
    • FDA-Compliant Label Formats
    • Ingredient Statement
    • Allergen Statement
    • and more…

    Being a Distributor that works in high volumes, we recommend the Unlimited Labeling planClick below to take a look at pricing.