What is LabelCalc, and How Does it Work?

LabelCalc makes nutrition analysis and nutrition facts panel creation so easy, you’ll wonder why it’s ever done any other way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nutrition Label Creation, in Minutes.

With LabelCalc, you’ll have everything you need to make your food product ready for retail. We provide not only your nutrition facts panel — complete with allergen and ingredient statements — but also a comprehensive nutrition analysis report, making you FDA-compliant in an instant. We know, we’re kind of a big deal. See for yourself!

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Add Your Own Ingredients to the LabelCalc Database
Easily Print and Download Your FDA Nutrition Facts Labels
How to save your recipe and use as a separate ingredient

Assisted Virtual Analysis

From nutrition analysis and label creation through FDA-compliance, AVA is available every step of the way to make your labeling experience virtually effortless.

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Real-Time Nutrition Reporting

Our 300,000+ ingredient database is on a live-feed from the USDA database. That means, not only is your nutrition analysis report FDA-Compliant, but 100% accurate. Any time the USDA makes a change to the nutrition information on their end, our database instantly updates. This datashare keeps your product information up-to-date and compliant, always.

Intuitive Allergen Feature

In order to achieve FDA-compliance, all nutrition facts panels must be accompanied by an allergen statement.

Our smart feature flags the top 8 food allergens in your product recipe and instantly compiles them into an allergen statement so you can abide by government regulations and while meeting the needs of the allergen-sensitive consumer.

28,000+ nutrition facts panels created. 1000’s of products brought successfully to retail. Not a single recall.