Health Conscious Consumers

What Do Health Conscious Consumers Look for in a Nutrition Label?

Health Conscious Consumers

A guide to giving Health Conscious Consumers what they want out of your nutrition labels.

As a new manufacturer, it is important that you not only meet the requirements of the retail stores that you envision your product in, but you must also appeal to your customer base. While that may seem like a “no-brainer”, have you stopped to think that maybe your customers are looking for something more than just flavor, texture, and cost-effectiveness from your products? As consumers become more conscious of current food trends and the actual ingredients in their food, you may find that they are not so easy to please. And everything they want and need can be found on your nutrition label. The information they find there may make or break their decision to purchase your product, especially if your product is to appeal to those observing a healthy diet. Here are a few tips to appeal to the health-conscious consumer via your nutrition facts label.

Serving Size

If Americans have been informed of anything regarding healthy eating, it is that portion size is king. Upon reading your nutrition label, potential customers want to know that they are consuming the right serving of food for their individual needs. Accurate information regarding total calories, total fat, total carbohydrate, dietary fiber and protein values is paramount for a consumer to make an educated choice.

Although the FDA requires accurate information published based upon a 2,000 calorie diet as a part of their dietary guidelines for the average American, each person is biochemically unique and requires a varying number of calories to constitute what a healthy diet means to them. Proper display of serving size and nutrient values will help your customer know how to incorporate your product into their daily diet.

Nutrition Information

When creating a new label for your product, nutrition information regarding vitamins and minerals is key. Certain consumers purchase a food item simply based upon its contribution to creating a healthy diet. A proper list of micronutrients such as vitamin A , vitamin C, calcium, iron and other vitamins and minerals will reinforce a health-conscious customer’s decision to bring your food item through the point of sale. The accuracy of your food label can be determined through a food analysis performed by a dietitian as well as FDA compliant nutrition analysis software complete with a USDA database. This type of accuracy empowers your customer with accurate information and peace of mind in purchasing your product.

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Ingredient List

Another component that speaks to a health-conscious consumer is a quality ingredient list. Every consumer wants to be an expert on their own dietary intake. A way to reinforce the healthy diet of your customer base is by providing them with everything they are looking for in an ingredient list. These items may include things such as whole grain flours over bleached flours, the use of natural sweeteners instead of high fructose corn syrup, and lean plant-based proteins sourced from quality vegetables or humanely farmed animals all take precedence over refined ingredients that contain little to no nutrient value. These items can be easily implemented into a food product through collaboration with a nutrition professional without heavily impacting flavor to produce healthy foods that are conducive to the healthy lifestyle of the greener individual.

Ultimately, appealing to an audience that is geared toward healthy eating is all about the quality of ingredients. When a customer can derive that information from your nutrition facts label with ease, they are not only likely to purchase your product, but to keep coming back for more.

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