ReGrained Empowers CPG Companies

ReGrained Empowers CPG CompaniesFrom Upcycled to Upgrade: ReGrained Empowers CPG Companies to Rethink their Recipes


As a Nutrition Science Grad who writes for a Nutrition Tech company, whose sole-purpose is to educate and equip food manufacturers with the knowledge and resources for accurate nutrition analysis and food labeling, there is a certain nirvana you reach when you are able to sit down with a manufacturer whose vision is to empower and educate the same audience. 

Excuse me while I stretch my fingers, I just crammed so much goodness into that one sentence. Although, that approach seems fitting when it comes to a product like ReGrained. If you haven’t heard of it yet, you’re about to. 

A Brief History

In 2010, ReGrained‘s Co-founders, Daniel Kurzrock and Jordan Schwartz, were your typical college students concocting their own take on craft beer when they realized that the brewing process for your typical 6-pack resulted in a pound of leftover grain. Feeling a little bit wasteful after a few trips to the dumpster with this “spent grain“, they decided there had to be a way to repurpose this byproduct

So, as a solution to the food waste issue, they began baking bread with the spent grain and selling it throughout their college campus. They soon realized that the result was not only delicious but nutritious as well. 

What began as an attempt to create a beer-making fund quickly turned into something way bigger than they could have ever imagined. 9 years later the vision has broadened into an opportunity to empower other manufacturers to upgrade their products nutritionally while reducing their carbon footprint. 

Edible Upcycling: The “Repurposing” of Packaged Goods

If you’ve watched HGTV over the years and have familiarized yourself with the likes of Cliff and Joanna Gaines, “repurposing” has likely become part of your vocabulary. In the same way the Gaines’ have managed to flip properties and make old furnishings new again, Kurzrock and Schwartz have done the same with brewer’s spent grain

“Edible Upcycling”, as they have termed it, isn’t just about recycling this often- discarded supergrain, but about introducing a major renovation to processed grain-based products. An upgrade, if you will. 

ReGrained‘s powerful blend of vitamins and minerals makes this flour a supergrain that borderlines nutrition supplement status. And while the company has managed to produce a delicious line of nutrition bars to prove the products taste-factor and viability, that is simply the beginning. 

“The point of the consumer brand is to bring and understanding of what it means to elevate a product from spent to super.” Explains Kurzrock. “The broader vision is building ReGrained into an ecosystem for upcycled food.” 

ReGrained's recent collaboration with "The Pasta Shop"

ReGrained’s recent collaboration with “The Pasta Shop” has equipped yet another manufacturer with the ability to upgrade their product nutritionally while simultaneously reducing their carbon footprint.

And Kurzrock is literal in that definition. With the current partnership underway with Griffith foods, Barilla Group and as well as a recent collaboration with The Pasta Shop, Regrained’s flour is already interconnecting and repurposing, ahem, upcycling products we’ve become familiar with. 

Touting nutrition components that supplement lines may soon be losing their minds over, Regrained‘s flour offers manufacturers the opportunity to upgrade their current products in one quick swap. Trading out traditional all-purpose flour in a product recipe for this super power spent grain flour brings 70% of the DV for iron, 60% of the DV for Magnesium, and 43g of prebiotic fiber

This not only brings the net value of carbohydrates down for every keto lover alive, but because a large portion of the sugar content in this supergrain is lost in the brewing process, the result is complimentary for those who are conscious of their blood sugar as well. 

Not to mention, prebiotic fiber has a huge impact on the gut microbiome. This particular type of fiber feeds the good bacteria that lines our digestive tract, supporting a healthy immune system. We’re all familiar with the term “probiotics” by now, Regrained is on a mission to make sure we all are understanding the importance of prebiotics as well. 

This multi-functional, anti-inflammatory superfood is a force to be reckoned with and definitely one worth considering when creating a product recipe. Speaking of…

Advice for Fellow Manufacturers

Although I could go on forever about the groundbreaking nature of this amazing San Francisco based, food-waste-eliminating, carbon-footprint-diminishing, nutritionally-dominating-powerhouse of a company, Mr. Kurzrock himself had a few amazing tips that he would like to share with his fellow manufacturers. 

  1. “Don’t let perfection get in the way of progress”

This was in regards to product recipe. Dan made it a point to emphasize the importance of being willing to try out different things along the way. According to him:

“Everything is a guess-a-thon until you officially create something.”

  1. “You don’t need a lot of funding to begin experimenting with your idea.”

And this makes total sense when considering the humble beginnings and evolution of his own product. And finally…

  1. (Bringing your product to market) …”Is more about quickness than perfection”

It’s not every day that a dorm-based micro-brewery byproduct goes multi-million with an amazing superflour, but there’s something to be said when you open your mind to the possibilities. Setting your intention for the benefit of others and the environment can be life-changing, Regrained, Kurzrock and Schwartz are living proof. And according to their welcomed advice, there’s no time like the present. 


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