FDA-Approved Nutrition Label

Create an FDA-Approved Nutrition Label in 45 Minutes or Less

With 2020 coming to a close, it is now more important ever to check your labels for FDA compliance. Although the FDA has extended repeat grace periods for food manufacturers to implement the new regulatory labeling format for 2020, there’s only so many weeks left until non-compliant manufacturers will be at risk for a recall. And if you’re a last minute Charlie (no judgement here), a quick solution is the best solution.If you’re just learning about LabelCalc, let us start off by saying, we have been providing FDA-APPROVED nutrition panels to food manufacturers for over 17 years now– without a single recall. Not to brag, but we’re pretty proud of our track record and our ability to say with confidence that you are in good hands.

With LabelCalc, you can create your own FDA-approved nutrition label in a matter of minutes. Actually, the average label takes a total of 45-minutes to create. So if you’re feeling the time-crunch for the enforcement of the 2020 labeling format by the FDA, 45 minutes is kind of miraculous. There we go being biased again, but where’s the lie?

fda approved nutrition labels

You can create an FDA-Approved nutrition label in less than an hour.

But Wait, How Can I Create an FDA-Approved Nutrition Label Without a Lab?

Why, we’re so glad you asked!

The LabelCalc platform is pre-loaded with ingredients and nutrition values sourced directly from the USDA ingredient database. So as you input your product recipe and identify your recipe ingredients and measurements with the USDA database, the calculations are done instantly. But what if the USDA doesn’t have an ingredient I need? Ah, another great question! We also have a substantial branded ingredient database with the nutritional values of some of the most well-known and well-used ingredients. But what happens when I have unique ingredients or recipes that I made at home? You are on a roll with these questions. We address unique ingredients and unique recipes in 2 different ways:

  1. External ingredients: External ingredients are unique ingredients that can not be found in either the general or branded database provided by LabelCalc. (You have the ability to enter these ingredients with their nutrition information into your very own “My Ingredients” database)
  2. Subrecipes: Subrecipes are smaller recipes that plug into your final product recipe. A great example of this would be a homemade pizza sauce that you put on your final frozen pizza product. This sauce has a few ingredients that need their own analysis. In LabelCalc, you can put your subrecipes in their very own tab, then easily plug them into your final product recipe to complete your FDA-approved nutrition label.

You can get an idea of how this works by watching this demo.

Can I Create My Label in Less than 45 Minutes?

Yep, it’s totally possible if you observe some best practices. We’ve compiled a 5-step list that will help you get ahead of the rest when creating your FDA-APPROVED nutrition for 2020. Download our LabelCalc Recipe Entry & Labeling Guide and see how simple it is to play catch up with your label revision before 2020 ends. Whether you’re in need of a revision or you’re new to food manufacturing and looking to create your first label, you can rely on LabelCalc’s fool-proof label creation guide and 17 years of industry experience to lead the way to FDA compliance.

Ready to get started? Pick out the perfect plan for your labeling needs here. 

What is LabelCalc?

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