Quick Facts on the 2020 Nutrition Facts Panel

We know, FDA compliance can be daunting. Gathering the right information for your nutrition label can be exhausting. And checking off all the boxes to make sure that you’re not up for a recall, just plain overwhelming. Well in the interest of bringing a sense of surety and an air of simplicity to this whole process, we thought we’d put together a true or false rapid fire listing of all the burning questions are the 2020 Nutrition Facts Panel. Are you ready?

True or False:

I have extra time to get compliant with the new 2020 Nutrition Facts Panel format because my company makes less than $10M in revenue.

True! Companies that make more than $10M in revenue must already be in compliance but those who are under $10M have until January 2021 to convert to the new label.

You’re in hot water if you haven’t updated label to reflect the 2020 Nutrition Facts Panel format yet.

False. According the Industry Guideline released by the FDA, manufacturers will not be penalized for the first 6 months after 2020 but will be given leniency by the FDA to make the required changes to their label until it suits the 2020 Nutrition Facts Panel format.

There are companies the FDA exclusively approves for creating a label in the 2020 Nutrition Facts Panel format.

False. But the USDA database communicates information to various platforms that meet the standards for creating an FDA-approved panel. Namely, LabelCalc. Just saying..

The manufacturer is solely responsible for the accuracy of their nutrition facts panel.

True and False. Now this is a bit tricky. The supplier or distributor is responsible for the accuracy of the nutritional information of the ingredients they provide for the manufacturer. The manufacturer is responsible to maintain accurate reports on their food product ingredients. So in a sense, this is somewhat a team effort with the ultimate responsibility landing on the manufacturer as they are the last step before the food product reaches the consumer.

This is where we want to pop in for a side-note. The compliance to the 2020 Nutrition Facts panel format is centered around accuracy. While the FDA does not directly endorse one particular label creation platform, they do expect that the reporting on the panel is correct. And they measure the accuracy largely from historical data reporting on the food product.

Shameless plug, we know, but LabelCalc includes features that ensure FDA-compliance through historical data tracking, error-proofing and virtual analysis assistance.

We hope you have enjoyed this installment of our true-false rapid fire and we hope that you find an accurate, FDA-compliant nutrition label creator to produce the nutrition facts panel you need for your product. Okay, it’s us, we’re the FDA-compliant label creator. Contact us today.

What is LabelCalc?

LabelCalcⓇ is one of FoodCalc LLC’s two nutrition analysis products, created to help meet the needs of the food industry. Based in San Francisco, CA, we are a nationally recognized provider of online nutrition analysis that is fast, accurate, and FDA-compliant.

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