DIY Nutrition Labeling

Everything You Wanted to Know About DIY Nutrition Labeling

DIY nutrition labeling

Do you have questions about DIY nutrition labeling? Curious how it all works? Can you really make a label in only 45 minutes? Find out the answers to all of these questions and more.

Are you a new food manufacturer or a seasoned manufacturer looking for an updated solution for your product labeling? Today we’re doing a deep dive into all of the basics of DIY Nutrition panels. How does it all work? How are nutrition values for food products calculated without a lab? How are the values supposed to be listed? How quickly can you create a label? We’re answering all of these questions and more in this overview of DIY nutrition labeling and giving you the inside scoop on everything you’ve been dying to know.

Out With the Old

This is a common question amongst new and seasoned manufacturers alike. Before the use of technology, a manufacturer would have to send their completed food product to a lab for a detailed analysis that would determine the nutritional make-up of their product. This step of the previous labeling process could take several weeks depending on the complexity of the product and the demands on the particular lab. If they were inundated with products, there was typically a long wait. Once the lab evaluation was completed, you would have a comprehensive report of all the nutritional data pertaining to your food product. This raw data would then be handed to a nutrition professional or a designer that would place the appropriate nutrition values in the correct format to create an FDA-compliant nutrition facts panel. This long-tail process was not only tedious and time-consuming, but expensive.

In With the New (Well, Sort Of) 

Then nearly 20 years ago (yes, it really has been that long)DIY nutrition labeling programs, including ours, began to debut offering the opportunity to skip the expensive, time-consuming labeling process and create nutrition facts panels in just one day. But how was that possible? Data. With an extensive ingredient database containing all of the nutritional values for raw ingredients, one could assign those values to their product recipe and the ingredient nutrition values would be calculated based on the correct measurement identified by the manufacturer.

For LabelCalc, this means a live feed from the USDA database directly into our data pool. When our beloved manufacturers come to our site to create a nutrition panel, they are accessing the same ingredients provided by the USDA themselves. When identified correctly, with the appropriate measurements, this means that the nutrition reporting is exacted to the data reflected on the USDA end — meaning — instant FDA-compliance and instant nutrition reporting.

Formatting & Turnaround Time

Once this process has been completed, then the nutritional values are immediately filtered into the latest 2020 FDA format for compliant nutrition labeling. There’s no longer a need for contacting a nutrition professional or another design firm that has the panel format on file. LabelCalc makes everything you need for compliant nutrition labeling available all in one place. If you have a simple barbeque sauce recipe or are simply familiar with databases of this sort, the turnaround time for a label using the LabelCalc platform takes about 45 minutes from start to finish. Then the completed label is ready to download to a PNG, PDF or SVG file and sent to your printer or product label designer to be applied to your product labeling.

Intelligent Tech + Educated Professionals

And while our technology is up-to-date with all of the latest FDA-Compliance standards, the LabelCalc staff is compiled of a team of degreed nutrition professionals and labeling experts who can assist you. Sometimes, FDA compliance and nutritional labeling come across as a hurdle for some. For this reason, we’ve integrated the ability to have your work checked by a professional via a label review. This review will go over each part of your completed label to ensure everything is up to standard. This label review is conducted by a degreed Nutritionist or a Licensed Registered Dietitian, each with years of FDA-compliance experience in the CPG industry. Your label review will ensure that everything from entry, serving size, and servings per container to your ingredient and allergen statements are correct according to FDA standards.

DIY nutrition labeling is made simple through the magic of technology with the assistance of a well-educated team. Are you considering DIY labeling? You’re definitely in the right place.

 LabelCalc is the leading nutrition fact panel creation platform in the industry and well trusted by food professionals for over 17 years. Contact us to create your DIY nutrition facts panel today.

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