5 Reasons Nutrition Software is a Must Have for any Restaurant

Consumer demands are also changing as our society shifts to living healthier lifestyles and making proper nutrition choices. In a restaurant setting, consumers appreciate as much information as possible about the foods listed on a menu. Nutrition software becomes the key to that information.  

Many restaurants have modified their menus to offer healthier choices and to include nutrition facts and beneficial health information. Using nutrition software, restaurants can streamline this process, improve their menus, and remain FDA compliant.

The Benefits of Nutrition Label Software in a Restaurant Setting

Here are five reasons why nutrition software is critical at any restaurant. 

1. Remain FDA-compliant

As you know, the food industry is heavily regulated by the FDA, which can feel like jumping through hoop after hoop to remain compliant. 

Food companies and restaurants struggle to keep up with all the rules and regulations established by the FDA. Luckily, LabelCalc’s nutrition software is an online nutrition analysis platform for food manufacturers and retailers. MenuCalc, our sister company, provides instant nutrition and allergen information for your menu.

2. Protect your patrons 

As food allergies become more common in consumers, reporting any of the top 8 allergens (milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, and soybeans) is required on every food label to protect consumers. 

Only food manufacturers are required to provide allergen information on labels, but your consumers will appreciate the information so they can avoid unnecessary reactions. 

3. Promote healthy choices 

Using nutrition analysis and menu-creating software can benefit your restaurant in many ways. As consumers shift to healthier lifestyles, starting with the food they eat, they also expect the restaurants they dine at to follow suit. 

Nutrition software allows your restaurant to provide more access to food information so your customers feel like they are making informed choices. Using our nutrition software, you can create more innovative and faster menus and provide your consumers with all the information they need.

The FDA created chain restaurant regulation requirements to help battle the increasing rate of obesity in the United States. 

Consumers appreciate having the facts available so much that they request information from most restaurants they visit. It’s worth noting that chain restaurants must only comply with FDA regulations if they have more than 20 locations. Smaller restaurants, however, must supply this information to patrons if requested.

4. Improve your menu

Nutrition labeling software allows you to formulate creative recipes. Input the ingredients in the given fields and have the application help develop nutritional values. There are options to change recipes anytime, so you can test versions and improve your menu for customers.

As restaurants modify their food menus, nutrition software makes the process more efficient and cost-effective. This software gives a restaurant the resources and time to create, modify, and perfect menu items that are more nutritious and satisfy all of its patrons’ dietary needs. 

5. Scale your business 

Nutrition software can help your business stay FDA-compliant, protect your guests from allergens, and can help improve the menu and healthy options you provide for customers. 

You’re creating more access to helpful food information, building trust with consumers, and creating a credible reputation in the industry.  

MenuCalc Label Software

We understand the restauranteur’s struggle and strive to lighten your load.

So save time and money by building your restaurant menu through LabelCalc. The program has been perfected over 20 years, ensuring it suits individual restaurants and chains. 

Quickly calculate the nutritional information for your menus across multiple locations and keep your recipes organized in one secure database. Let the software take the worry and stress out of food labels. MenuCalc organization gives you the time to focus on vital aspects of running a food business.

Download our free FDA Food Labeling white paper, and Nutrition Facts today!

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